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Myths, an Addendum


December 2011


In my post yesterday on myths associated with certain forms of exercise, I missed a couple of opportunities…


First, for all of those sensitive folks, when I use the term “fat”, I realize that there is a gentler way of putting that.  Personally, I like to deal with the raw truth and have done so since the day I put a cork in the jug.  There are people out there who like to pretty things up with non-offensive verbiage (that still means the same thing, by the way) or remove culpability for the rarer cases in which people can’t help whatever condition might afflict them.  In terms of both being a drunk and, eventually, flabby (technically, my midsection was inordinately rotund – I think that’s the pretty way), beating around the bush never solved anything for me.  I’m hard on myself because pain (physical or emotional) is just about the only thing that really motivates me to change.  With that being said, if anyone read that last post and was offended, I do apologize, that wasn’t the intent.

Lastly, and more importantly, going back to the story problem between Bob and Larry, I didn’t apply one of the most important principles of the running club that I belong to; include everyone.  While we all run at different paces, have resoundingly different opinions on worldly matters and live very different lives, we all come together for one common goal:  To get or stay fit.  While Bob has an opportunity at support groups, Larry’s options are great as well.  Every person in our club loves to work with new folks through providing encouragement and a check to the occasional desire to slack off.  I’ve been on both sides of that.  When I joined my wife’s group, I was the slow guy who didn’t know what to buy, how fast to go, or even how not to get lost on the routes we run.  The group provided the encouragement and one of the guys took me under his wing and taught me the routes and how to pace myself – now I’m bringing people in and doing the same for them.  The important thing for our rhetorical Larry is that there are groups like this everywhere…  You just have to know where to look for them.

For instance, if you’ve decided to get into biking, and I can’t stress this enough, your local bike shop is where it’s at.  The proprietor of the shop that I frequent (almost on a weekly basis and who shall remain nameless until such a time as he gets a chance to read this and let me know if I can use his shop’s name in a post), is a treasure trove of information and help – and I have to believe, as excited as I am about cycling, I must be a little too enthusiastic from time to time, but he just treats me as if it’s the coolest thing in the world that I’m so happy with biking.  If you don’t get this treatment, by the way, try another shop until you do.  The folks who work there will put you in touch with the group that fits you.

If you want to get into jogging and eventually running (or straight into running), a running shoe specialty store is where it’s at.  The trick is to hit the local mom and pop shops – the one’s that specialize in your chosen activity.  Items may be priced a touch higher (usually because they’re higher quality, not because the local guy wants to gouge anyone), but, in my experience, the added cost is worth every penny.

Again, as I see it, rhetorical Larry will end up having a lot more fun (or so it has been with non-rhetorical bgddyjim) and as a result, stick with it.

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