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Daily Archives: December 26, 2011

A Merry Christmas indeed.

What a weekend…









I had planned on riding the road bike down to the running club from what I’d seen of the weather reports on Friday night.  I was bummed to see this when the sun finally came up.  It was supposed to be mostly sunny and in the mid 30’s…  It was cloudy, windy, in the mid 20’s and had snowed a touch on Friday night making the roads a little gnarly.

Not to worry, dusted off the mountain bike and took the back roads.  Followed that up with an attempt at my fastest 5k ever, which didn’t turn out too well.  The first mile was awesome, a 7:20, but the wheels fell off after that (too much zone 5), trying to push too hard.  My second mile was an 8:00 and I ended up walking the last mile back, completely gassed and cramping.

The ride home was hilarious:








The snow melted on the dirt roads creating a nice slick mush.  I was covered head to toe in mud.  Generally, I’m not the mud puddle kind of guy, but every now and again (usually when I’m out in the middle of it and can’t do anything about it anyway), I like to embrace the muck…  So Saturday was a 26 mile day.

I followed that with a nice 8 miler with my lovely wife on Christmas day and then a nice 13 today in the sunshine…  The temperature was even reasonable today – currently a balmy 40 degrees!  Welcome to Michigan, it’s sure to be cold when you expect it to be warm (I was golfing in the snow in May up in Gaylord this spring) and warm when you expect it to be cold.

Better than sitting on the couch, that’s for sure – what a great weekend.

Merry Christmas.