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Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

Another Personal Best…


For the first time ever, I’m into the new year at the same weight I was on November 23rd.  Normally I’ve got five to ten pounds to work off after a month of heavy eating – and with the lousy Michigan weather that usually means it’s not coming off till the spring.

There’s only one thing that I did differently this year, and it certainly wasn’t eat less;  More miles.  For the last several years Thanksgiving has marked a slowdown in my mileage.  I don’t fall off completely but I’ve always taken nasty days off.  This year, with the addition of cycling and being able to spin in my office almost every day and keeping my running miles steady, I simply didn’t put the weight on that I normally would….  In fact, that gave me an idea.  I’ll post the perfect Office Workout after work tonight.  I promise you this, it’s quick, easy and it works.