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1990 Cannondale SR400 Criterium – My pride and joy

I’ve said it before, I’m cheap.  Not so much because I don’t want nice stuff, but because my priorities are spread between my wife an kids too, so i simply don’t want to afford a brand new Madone…  It just is what it is.  With that, I picked up my road bike – which I absolutely love – on Craigslist for $300 – it sold for $800 new.

1990 Cannondale Criterium

The only thing I’ve changed since buying the bike is changing the bar tape to red and switching the WB Cages to red plastic…  I love this bike.

UPDATE:  Uh oh…  I just went over to Assenmacher’s and got a real bike fit…  As it turns out, and this is almost too funny, my Cannondale was set up just about as perfectly as it could be setting aside the seat tube is a full 1.5 cm too short, the top tube is 4 cm too short (which means I have a hard time getting comfortable and I can’t stretch out enough).  He put me on a  Trek carbon bike with an Ultegra grouppo for a test ride…with an aero wheel set…  Uh, yeah.  I’m going 20 mph working my tail off when I could be going 25 working that hard.  What an awesome bike.  It’s going to be time to move up…  Technically I’ll keep the Cannondale for training (might as well feel like I’m stepping on a Ferrari when I get to racing).

UPDATE:  I’ve updated this bike with new rear wheels that came off of my ’13 Specialized Venge.  The dropouts took some work, but not because the wheels didn’t fit – they were snug but did fit (and a little bit of cold setting which is not recommended) but was made to work and for less than $50.  I probably dropped 1 pound per wheel with the upgrade.  I kept the original 7 sp. components.  The Cannodale shall, at least for the near future, be an old school bike.

UPDATE #2:  As the Cannondale is today:
Added a nicer saddle, years ago, lowered the front end, added a longer stem to match my reach, had the rear triangles spread and realigned for new 10 sp. wheels (in case I ever want to upgrade it to brifters, though that’s doubtful) and redid the bars in black tape for a more classic look (and to match the wheels/saddle).