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While I’m on the recipes, I’ve got one I made up for potatoes.


January 2012

This recipe won’t be like the barbequed heart attacks on a bun that I posted last night.  First of all, for the recipes section of this blog, I’m no chef (though my soon to be brother-in-law is, and he is good), I just like to cook.  More to the point, I like to grill.  In fact, I can grill almost anything.

Cooking out and need a neat desert course?  Grill pineapple (plain pineapple slices, just slap ’em on a grill till they brown on the edges and have a nice grill mark on them).  Try it,  it’s fantastic.

Today’s recipe, though, is for potatoes;  You guessed it, grilled.  These take a bit, so cook them before your meat.

  • Potatoes (they reheat well, don’t be afraid to cook too many)
  • Olive Oil
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Shredded Cheese (we use the Mexican blend)

You can use any kind of potato here, yellow, red or regular Idaho russets.  Slice them into sixes, or wide enough that they won’t fall through the grill – you’re going for the wedge here – and leave the skins on, that’s where all of the vitamins are don’t ya know (at least according to my mom).  Now, we’ve gotta boil them first or they’ll shrivel up into black hunks on the grill before the insides cook, but if you boil them too hard, they’ll turn to mush on the grill, so follow this easy process – it’ll give you the perfect consistency every time.  Fill up your pot half way with water and set on the stove (DON’T TURN ON THE STOVE YET).  Slice up your potato wedges and put them in the pot.  Turn on the heat to medium – high.  Once the water comes to an active boil, leave the taters in there for another five minutes and they’re ready.  Much shorter and they’re a little tough, much longer and they’re mush.

Strain the potato wedges and place on a cookie sheet.  Drizzle with Olive Oil, then sprinkle with Italian Seasoning and seasoned salt. (I don’t wash the oil and seasoning off the cookie sheet after I place the wedges on the grill, I place them back on there as is when they’re done).

Place them on the grill, long ways – across the grill pattern so they won’t fall through, til the edges brown and you get a decent grill mark on them – flip them as best you can and do the other side the same way.  When you take them off the grill and place them on your cookie sheet, take them inside and drizzle with seasoned salt and then top with your favorite shredded cheese and place them in the oven at 210 to keep warm and melt the cheese, until y0ur meat’s done.

If you’re using a gas grill, you’re bound to have hot spots that cook food faster than others – rotate your food.  As the stuff on the hot spots become done, move it to a coolest spot on the grill and rotate in food from the other cool spots.

That’s it, and it’s one of my wife and kid’s favorites.


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