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Aw Yeah, $240 Worth Of Puddin’

Aw yeah, $240 worth of puddin’.  It’s not new but it’s in pretty good shape.  It needed a little clean up but but I’m really glad to have a decent race bike – that fits.  I’m going to ride it a few times before I tinker, but it seems like the stem’s a little high.

To tell you the truth, I’m glad I ended up buying a Trek, I’ve been partial ever since I rode my mountain bike the first time.

I also have to add, I’m lucky to have a wife that puts up with all of this.

Now I’m ready mechanically for the start of the 2012 season and my first 100k on April 29th, it’s just a matter of keeping my shape up through the winter.  Sweet.

If you don’t know what the $240 worth of puddin’ reference means: