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Too serious? Time for a laugh…

So, I think I posted about six hours ago something about best laid plans.  Yeah, so I pulled into the driveway and realized that my new book that I was going to start tonight is sitting on my desk.  So I guess I’ll be starting that book tomorrow night.

Now I’ve got some free time on my hands so I thought I’d scour the internet so my fellow cycling, running and triathlon brothers and sisters could have a laugh…

The guy in the banana hammock is priceless:

How did your first time on rollers turn out?  His, not so good:

The Slow and The Moderate:

Have you ever wondered why you can ride for weeks and your tires are fine, then you leave your bike sit for a week and the tires are dead flat?

These are not the answers.

Now I don’t usually stop to check out the scenery when I’m riding.  I’m concentrating on keeping my speed up or conquering a hill or making the most of a downhill stretch.  Rules were meant to be broken.

Maybe those Canucks have the right idea…at least till my daughters are old enough to look like that.  At such a time, anyone oggling them will be dirty old men.  But then that would mean the future me would think that the current me is a di…

Oh crap, I think I just tore a battleship sized hole in the time continuum.

Sorry about that.

Oh no you didn’t…

That’s one hell of a kit, baby.

C’mon man!

How  can you tell these two are married?

If they were only dating he’d be driving.

If you don’t have a rack on your bike, improvise…  On second thought:

Dammit, that’s dedication:

That’s gotta be a $4,000 bike!  On the back of a $380,000 Lamborghini.

And finally:  117 Ways To Tell If You’re A Triathlete.  (This is absolutely hilarious)