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A Question For The Cycling Purists…

I have it on good authority that  I’m not supposed to wear a camelbak or a back pack while I’m cycling according to Rule #32.  In addition,  according to Rule #29 I’m not even supposed to have a saddle bag (because all of my emergency gear is supposed to go in my jersey pockets – Rule #31).  In fact, according to said rule #32, there is no discussion to be had on exceptions to the rule…

So here’s the question:  If one was to not just wuss out with a 30 mile ride on a nice summer’s day but throw in a ten mile run and a little swimming in between two 15 mile rides, exactly how is one to get one’s jammer and running shoes to the running club.  Now I’m not looking to upset the applecart here, and to tell the truth, I’m going to do what I’ve got to do to get my Saturday miles in regardless (which means wearing a back pack with my running shoes and jammer in it on my ride to the running club)…  In fact, my LBS guru Matt, who is every bit the cyclist, even recommended the back pack when I presented him with my conundrum (because a saddle bag large enough to carry a pair of shoes doesn’t exist).  Now, my problem is that a back pack is unnecessarily big, so I bought a Lake and Trail Camelbak that is just big enough to carry my shoes and swimwear and doesn’t get in the way of comfortably cruising down the road.

So, cycling purists, can I get a ruling?


PS:  Read the rest, they’re hilarious.

An Observation

Now that I actually pay attention to what I’m doing on a bike, I shot my first video of myself yesterday to get a look at my form (it’s getting serious folks – or maybe seriously fun would be more descriptive), it makes me laugh to see an actor in a commercial making a mess of riding a bike and I can pick out the little disasters instantly.

I saw a commercial for a pill that claims to boost testosterone in men this morning.  They’ve got some actor trying to mash his way up a hill (in the setting sun for crying out loud), with the pedal sitting on the arch of his tennis shoe’d feet – and they actually zoom in on his feet as if to say with a picture:  Look how tough this guy is now that he takes his daily dose of manliness.  They may just as well have shown a runner lumbering up a hill decked out in a tank and matching running shorts (in the setting sun) running up a hill in deck shoes on his heels.  It made me chuckle out loud.

Now, if you happen to be even more of a rookie than I am and have no idea what I’m talking about, fear not!  I’m here to help.  Let’s look at good form first… (more…)