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Running, Minimalist vs. Padded

One of my favorite blogs (see my Blog roll) just posted about a couple of studies that purport to show a link between heel strike running and a greater instance of injury in distance running versus that of the new minimalist approach in which runners are meant to strike with the forefoot  or ball of the foot.  The hypothesis, that the human body already has all the cushion it needs, seems sound – it can’t be argued against, the human body is an amazing piece of work.  I wrote a little bit about this when I posted about choosing one’s running shoes carefully and I actually read a summation of the studies and prepared quite an analysis but decided to trash that in favor of remaining neutral on the issue.  I have a few good friends who have gone minimalist and they are perfectly happy with it (though some are decidedly slower because of it).  After reading the post, I decided to embark on my own analysis of the studies – a bit of a deconstruction, if you will.

Please grab a cup of coffee.  This is going to be long.  If you are a runner, it is an important issue and the detail is warranted.  Please allow me one caveat:  Christos, aka swimbikerun1 is far more accomplished and knowledgeable in Triathlon than I.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t add valuable information to the discussion.