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Mrs. Big Daddy Jim and the Cult T-Shirt

Today we shall write of my wife’s insane love of a t-shirt. I’ve been wearing said shirt for going on 15 years now because my wife loves it when I do.  Now I’m not talking about a little wry glance and a smirk kind of love…  No, I’m talking about the wild eyed, grinning from ear to ear, crazy woman kind of love.

I’d be a liar if I told you I understand this infatuation, I most assuredly don’t.  I did make the attempt at understanding once – just once and I ended up even more confused.

Not long after that attempted understanding I realized that my thinking was all wrong – the attempt itself was the problem!

The mental trick, ladies and gentlemen, is who cares why Mrs. Big Daddy Jim likes me in that t-shirt?  I don’t have to understand to enjoy the benefits.  This may seem a little nonchalant, and I’m certainly alright with that assessment – but we men have a built in excuse for this…  We’re men!  We’re supposed to be dense about that stuff – so what if we take advantage of the stereotype from time to time, eh?

So we’re heading up north for the weekend and which shirt did I pull out for the trip?




That’s right baby!  Dammit if it didn’t work too.

Every once in a while you get to a point in life where you think it just can’t get any better – then you put on a Cult t-shirt and it does.

100th Post – And a fitting topic for the occasion

2 Months and 1 Day, 100 Posts!  Sweet.

Now that the celebration is over, I attended a wild game dinner at a local church last week.  The food was great and the company was better – I attended the event with five of my good friends from the running club.  The night was so much fun that the one problem I did have, a looped hunting video playing on a projection screen on the south wall that made me Jones for hunting so badly that I could hardly contain myself, can barely be complained about.  The highlight of the evening was obviously the food – Buffalo Chili, Squirrel Noodle Soup (tastes like chicken), Venison Roast, Northern Pike, Turkey Gravy & Stuffing, Au Gratin Potatoes and Green Beans – it was incredible.

As a cap, we were treated to a talk by an ex-State Police officer turned criminal.  As is normal with events held at a church, the occasions are regularly used to recruit new members.  While I didn’t need to be saved (again), a good message never hurts.  To add a little context, it is very difficult to shock a recovering alcoholic with a come to Jesus moment – most of us have had them, several times over.  And while this story was interesting, it was no more incredible than my own journey to become a decent, contributing member of society.  Therein lies the problem – the horror story gets boring because they’re all the same.  It’s hard to shock someone who has already been to hell and come back.

After having a conversation last evening with a friend of mine in which he suggested I’m a touch too verbose, I’ll save the details of the story for another post and get to the life changing moral of the story.  You’ve got the typical “man excels in life after a horrendous childhood only to fall to an alcohol and drug use fueled life of crime” story.  After being locked up, he finds God (through Jesus in his case).  The part that stuck with me and has absolutely changed how I look at life in only a matter of a week, was his assertion that finding God changed his heart.  I’ve never heard it put quite this way – that finding a relationship with God transformed his heart to a point that he no longer had the desire to act in the manner that landed him in prison.  The change was so complete that he took it a few steps further and began to seek out decency over the cheap thrill of destruction.

His message was excellent and I began incorporating that simple concept into my life.  Though it’s been decades since I’ve done anything illegal or illicit, I am still quite capable of doing that which will end in my own disappointment.  I’ve begun to question these simple options to destruct prior to acting on them and found that by simply adding the thought, “God will change my heart”, I’ve been avoiding much of the self destruction – and it’s been awesome.  I showed up for a dinner and God changed my heart – you can’t beat that with a stick.