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Against My Better Judgement…

March 2012

Well, I was pretty sore this morning from my run yesterday so it would have been wise to stick to a nice easy recovery ride…unfortunately it was just a little too nice out today, at 65 and mostly sunny.  I did go for a nice little four miler with the wife and kids and was pretty much in my glory, my youngest in a bike buggy behind my wife’s bike, my eldest on her bike just tooling down the road.  Unfortunately we only went four and I was still Jones’ing.  So I decided to go out on my own for another six.  I started out at a pretty nice easy tempo but then I got my other foot clipped in and had to ratchet it up a bit.  I ended up doing the six in 18 minutes.  Honestly though, what are you gonna do when the good Lord grants you a sunny day more than double freezing?  Lay on the couch and take a nap?  I don’t think so.

I’ll be paying for that at my bowling league tonight.  Ah well, thank God for SPRING!  I missed the nice weather immensely – and the weather channel is showing us between 60 and 70 all week long!  Woohoo!


  1. Seriously, I feel you on this one. It was SO nice to be able to get out today and not have to wear leg or arm warmers! It was great. It turned my 2 hour easy recovery ride into a metric century…fun times 🙂

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