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Thank God, a new, more shirted me…


March 2012

I’m not big on having my picture taken during sporting events – I rarely pay attention to the camera so the photos rarely turn out.  Well, the wife and I hit the great outdoors yesterday, before my ride, and while the weather was warm so I could get some photos to replace my current “Gravatar” – which was the only decent photo I had of me “in action”  taken in the last five years.

So thankfully, the photos associated with my blog have been changed to a more clothed look.


  1. gbsmith4 says:

    Much better than the non-picture!!

  2. Kimberly / says:

    Nice! I like the arm tattoos! I have a 13.1 between wings on my shoulder. I got it with a friend to celebrate my first half marathon.

  3. bearrunner says:

    Looks like a beautiful ride!

    I was curious, how do you prevent the but from getting majorly sore… I have only rode for 3.5 hours max so far


    • bgddyjim says:

      Trained all last summer, good bike shorts, brooks compression shorts between cycling shorts and me, bike that fits, good saddle and lots and lots of miles in it.

      Greatly simplified of course.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Ok brother, I’m back from the running club and I’m on the couch with my laptop so I’m a better equipped to give your question the response it deserves. In addition to the quick answer I shot off earlier, getting a bike “right” is a process in evolution. As one thing becomes an issue, another tends to crop up – it’s important to address every issue possible related to equipment. 3.5 hours is a fairly long ride – best I’ve ever done is 6 but they were excruciatingly slow because I was waiting on a friend.

      That being said, if the butt is sore, there are a number of issues that could be causing it. If your seat is too wide for your sit bones (I just wrote a post about this) then you’ll be miserable for certain. If you’ve got too much padding in your saddle, you’ll be miserable. If your weight isn’t properly balanced between your butt, hands and feet – you won’t be happy. If your saddle is too low or too high.

      The number one thing to remember if you hurt on your bike is that you shouldn’t. If you do, especially in a hot spot like the bum, it’s imperative to get your position looked at and the problem diagnosed by a professional at your LBS.

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