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Fitness Quiz Of The Week

March 2012

So, let’s have a fitness quiz.  Allow me to set the table for a multiple choice story problem:

You’re blessed enough to work from home on Fridays which means you wake up at the normal time and get right to work rather than showering, shaving, getting ready and driving to the office.  That means you get your work done really early.  As far as work goes, you’ve just had one of the most successful three weeks in the last six years.   The Weather Channel is calling for rain all day but remarkably it’s sunny and the temperatures are mild yet brisk.  Your significant other is leaving for a weekend convention in less than an hour and Grandma is coming down to pick up the kids and take them up north for the weekend in three hours.  You decide to take a quick half hour sprint ride (24 minutes – 8 miles actually) before the weather rolls in.  During said ride, you notice a sharp pain in your right hamstring – it’s not bad all of the time, but it’s uncomfortable to be sure.  Everything else goes off without a hitch and you even catch a fifteen minute power nap.

Here’s the quiz:  It’s early afternoon and the weather has unbelievably held off much the the chagrin of the Weather Channel – it’s sunny and 65 (F) and you’re picking up your dad from the old folks home to take him out to dinner in two hours.  Do you:

A.  Kick up your feet and relax, content in a job well done and turn on the tube to watch [insert whatever it is you watch here].

B.  Start scouring the cupboard for [insert ridiculously sugar laden snack here], then eat like eating is going out of style – tomorrow – at dinner, content that you’ve had two successful high mileage weeks in a row.  After all, you deserve a “treat” day that you’ll invariably regret in the morning, which will inevitably lead to your falling off of the exercise wagon because once you’ve messed up this bad, you might as well go all the way.  I mean what gives with this exercise crap anyway – that’s for “lucky” people.

C.  Get your kit on and try another 16 miles of slower speed, higher cadence riding in an attempt to work out whatever is bugging that hamstring.

I’ll give you one guess as to what I did.  I didn’t get the hammy worked out though – more on that in the next post.


  1. jerzak80 says:

    Sounds like we had a pretty similar Friday, except I went for option A 🙂

  2. I would have probably gone with A but something tells me your answer was in the C area.

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