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Saddle – Sore No More Part Deux…


March 2012

Well, today was my first real triathlon brick day.  It started with my normal 12.5 mile ride down to the running club.  What a difference the new saddle makes.  My hamstring isn’t near healed yet but I felt a lot better after the ride.  This was partially due to the fact that I kept my speed down to save some for the run and subsequent ride home, but I was still at 17.5 mph but I’mreally pleased with the new saddle – surprisingly enough, the additional padding wasn’t missed in the least.

For the run, I decided on a 5k because Mrs. BigdaddyJim and I are going out on a date tonight with the kids away at grandma’s house – there’s no way I’m going to be hobbling around for that.  It was a fairly quick 5k for me:  23:48, a time I am absolutely pleased with.  Mile times were 7:36, 7:54 and7:37.  I was rather saddened when my running buddy Marc suggested we should probably not run together though.  He does have a heck of a point.  I really respect him as a runner so I try my hardest to keep pace with him and he is well aware of my admiration for him so he tries to live up to it.  When we run together we end up pushing each other well beyond our fitness levels and it’s taken the enjoyment out of his Saturday runs.  I also wasn’t able to complete my ride home.  Alas, the weather just wasn’t going to cooperate two days in a row so I hopped a ride home from one of the guys.  Tomorrow’s another day and with the forecast of 66 (F) and sunny, a ride is guaranteed.

Training miles are way up already at mid summer levels from last year:

3/12-3/18:  104

3/12-Today:  102

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