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Getting Dropped Could Be Just What I Needed…

Spurred on by Shay at Socially Fit, and my buddy Grateful Jim I turned in a stellar performance today in preparation for all kinds of fun events coming up.  The weather was absolutely spectacular from sun-up.  The temp started out in the low 30’s at sunrise but by the time I left at 9, it was well into the 40’s.  With my backpack and jacket over an underarmor shirt and a cycling jersey I set out.  To start, and with all of that gear on, I really wasn’t into setting records on the ride down.  I turned in a slightly better than “take it easy” pace for the first 12 miles at 18.6 mph and really regretted wearing that jacket by the time I was half way there – it was just too hot.  When I got down to the running club, I kicked around just going back out on my bike…  I was in full justification mode.  After all, I’ve got a Metric Century coming up so I need to get my bike miles in.  This was only a justification though – I’m having so much fun on my bike that I just wanted to enjoy myself today rather than mess with running too.

In the end, a little prompting about cross-training from Grateful Jim got me out the door for the run.  I was only off my personal best pace for the 5k I ran by 15 seconds – and I started out slow (I was going to run with another guy from the club).  I ended up with all three miles under an 8 minute pace (7:41 overall) and was exceptionally pleased with that.

After my run I had a little spaghetti with meat sauce for lunch and headed out for home, leaving my backpack, jacket and running shoes at Jim’s house.  I chose the semi-long return route of 18 miles and hit it hard from the first crank, repeating my new favorite mantra of “Don’t Quit”, short for don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens, on several steeper climbs.  I concentrated a lot harder on getting my shifting down so that I could carry more speed up the hills and then pushing big gears hard on the way down to work on building up my legs a little more…and on not resting for more than 10 to 20 seconds after pushes into zone 5 (there were several).  Otherwise, I was easily in zone 4 the rest of the way.  I started tiring out a little at about the 14 mile mark and started thinking, “how deep can you dig”, over and over to battle the fatigue.  I ended up shooting past my driveway at 54:15, or 19.77 mph average.  I did a short 1/4 mile cool down and checked my splits – my slowest mile was 3m:11s and my fastest was 2:45.  With all of the climbs I had to cope with and the fact that I was into the wind for most of the trip back, I was exceptionally pleased – especially when I take into account that the average is better than my group ride average by more than a tenth of a mph.

I’d love to go into greater detail, but it’s off to the kid’s friend’s house for a birthday party…

WOOHOO!!!  I found my heart.

Fred Couples – The Sweetest Swing In Golf

I don’t post much about golf even though it was at one time my favorite sport.  Fred Couples has, yet again, given me reason to cheer about golf – he is my all time favorite golfer.  He’s got Jack’s class, Arnold’s determination and the Haagen-Daz of golf swings – sweet, smooth and the epitome of awesome.  Of course, he’s been in this position before, only to fall in the last round or two, but at 52 having a share of the lead at the Masters on Saturday morning is kind of a big deal.  For the record, Fred has one of those swings that’s so smooth, it defies logic that he’s one of the longer strikers on the (gulp) seniors tour.

Driving Distance

1 Kenny Perry 298.0
2 John Huston 295.6
3 Fred Couples 290.1
4 Steve Lowery 286.3