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Just Didn’t Have It Yesterday…


April 2012

After having to deal with a really sick father and taking a day off on Monday I was all set to get out and pound out some aggression on my pedals yesterday – uh, that was roughly until I found myself driving through flurries.  I ended up leaving the office quite a bit later than I’d wanted to because I had some work that just had to be attended to and I had to pick up a new warranty replacement pair of foot warmers that just arrived at my LBS before I’d even think of going out while it was snowing.  I would have had to shoe-horn that ride in between the trip to the bike shop and getting back in enough time for my wife to make a meeting that she had to leave for at 5…  In the end, it was just too much to stick in too short a time so I took another day off.

This might not be such a big deal to other folks, in fact it could be argued that I needed it – in the last five weeks I’d only taken off four days – but I really don’t like to miss more than one day a week when it’s nice enough to ride.  I need the stress relief and I find myself sore in places that shouldn’t be sore.  Usually my shoulders, a few knee creeks that shouldn’t be there, things of that nature.  That’s all chicken scratch next to my main concern;  I’m an all or nothing kind of guy and always have been.  If I start missing days that can lead to serious attitude issues if I’m not careful.

So rather than concentrate on what could go wrong, I’ve got all of my stuff laid out for a great early spring ride for when I get home.  The weather is supposed to rebound here in a minute, with sunshine and temps in the 50’s, followed by a nice warm-up for this weekend…if the rain holds off or at least cooperates.

This is turning out to be an insanely busy week, as will next week, so I’ll try to fill in as I can – I’m working on some great posts.



  1. I don’t know what it was about yesterday. The gym was practically empty…and others I know just did not feel like working out. Today is a new day and all we can do is move forward.

  2. elisariva says:

    I hear ya. Still getting pelted with ice/snow so I will be running on a treadmill tonight. Hope you get a ride in!

    • bgddyjim says:

      I got a great ride in. I feel so much. Better now… I even went back out when I saw my wife hadn’t returned and put in another four more. Much better weather today, and it’s only supposed to warm up from here.

      Thank you.

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