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The Awesome Bloggers I’d Most Like To Go For A Ride With


April 2012

I like the Blog Awards but they’re quite labor intensive – so I thought I’d write up a post in that fashion, but without requiring anyone to do anything for my choosing to put them on my list of cool bloggers. You will notice that this list is one sided, there are no women on this list. This isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of great ladies who frequent my blog and whose blogs I frequent that I’d like to go for a ride with, if I were single which I’m not – this gender lopsidedness is out of respect for my wife who deserves a no question, no BS husband, so for that I apologize ladies. Here’s a top ten of the Awesome Bloggers I’d like to go for a ride with, and for this list, all that’s required is that you bask in the glory of your awesomeness:

It's Because You Are Awesome.

10. Aaron West, who writes Steep Climbs. He’s number ten because he’s an absolute climbing monster. I’d have put him a lot higher on the list if I didn’t think he’d eat my lunch.

9. The Show Me Cajun. All around good guy.

8. Christos from christostriathlon1. Christos is a great blogger and I’d love to ride with that guy – in his home town in Cyprus of course.

7. The Springfield Cyclist. Anyone who ends every post with “God Bless’ has gotta be good.

6.  Joseph Lampen. We actually live in the same state, so this could actually be possible, we’ll just have to keep it to a summer ride though. Brother likes the cold.

5. Gary B. Smith. I like Gary, his blog posts are usually quite funny and he seems like a really good guy. I don’t know what I’d like more, the political discussion or the ride, but it would be something to remember.

4. Bike V. Car. We have a lot more in common than riding – I have a feeling we’re in the same field professionally. We’ve commented back and forth on each other’s blogs for a while now and from some of the photos he posts on his blog, his home town looks like a beautiful place to ride – though it would be odd riding on the other side of the road (I can’t fight the temptation – the wrong side of the road – 😀 ).

3. Michael Fioretti – It’s All About The Legs. Michael is a collegiate rider over in Wisconsin, I’ve been following his blog almost since day one. He’s a ton stronger than I am, but it sure seems like we’d have a fun time cruising around.

2. Steven Francisco, The Blue Hen Cyclist. Steven is a collegiate A racer for the University of Delaware and hands down, one of the most intricately descriptive writers that I read. Being an avid hobby rider, I live vicariously through his posts.

1. Russel Harding, The Road To Cat 1. Russel is the big dog on this list. This would be the awesomest two minutes and twenty four seconds of my young riding career. That’s about what it would take for him to drop me like a dirty shirt – unless he was trying, then I might be able to hang on for twenty or thirty seconds. Either way, for a pro, he’s incredibly accessible, a good writer and seemingly a really decent guy.

In the runner-up position is The All Seasons Cyclist…  It was not easy to keep him from the top ten, but while I do ride through all seasons, I do my winter riding on a trainer – watching a movie!  His blog is awesome and he reviews a crazy amount of new bike stuff.


  1. swimbikerun1 says:

    Thanks my friend for adding me in your list. I would love to take you with a ride with my team in Cyprus. I am number 8 in your list, and that’s great, because 8 is my lucky number: I was born 8.8.1968

  2. jerzak80 says:

    Many thanks for the fine award. By far and away my greatest blogging accolade to date! Plus I don’t have any homework to do either – I can just bask in the glory!

  3. aaronwest says:

    Feel free to let me know if you’re ever in the Blue Ridge area. I promise to show you some gorgeous climbs and you can eat your own lunch!

  4. […] wrote a post back in April in which I listed the ten bloggers I’d most like to ride with.  Aaron over at Steep Climbs made the list and I left him a comment on his blog that I’d be […]

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