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Making Peace With The Wind


April 2012

Yesterday was southeastern Michigan’s fifth consecutive high wind day (above 20 mph). To be clear, I like riding in high winds in about the same fashion as I enjoy running: I do it, but it regularly brings out an expletive or two. I can tell you for a fact that 35 mph sustained winds can actually pull a string of those expletives out of me.

That changed yesterday. The wind, out of the northwest was intense – sustained at around 20 with gusts up to 40…if not worse. It was so bad, in a cross wind, in the drops I had to tilt the bike about 15 degrees just to keep straight. In fact the gusts were so strong, it was actually easier to ride into the wind.

All of a sudden, something finally clicked with me – so what? I really didn’t mind so much, even spending 2/3’s of the ride in the drops, and I’ve really hated high winds for almost a year now.

Now I haven’t lost my marbles – wind still sucks, but it finally sunk in that it beats the couch – a position that I held as debatable since I began riding last spring. In fact, I was talking to our local bike pro a month about this very subject… I finally understand his position: Meh?

That said, I was exceedingly happy that this was my week off from the group ride – woof!

Lastly, I called the shop on the way home from work yesterday afternoon and spoke with Walter about my little saddle height issue – he suggested spitting the difference by lowering the saddle by a millimeter… That turned out pretty well so far, yesterday’s ride was much more comfortable – though I’m certain I’ll know more after Sunday.


  1. bikedayton says:

    Oh that wicked wind. .. tough week down here in Ohio too. Almost couldn’t face the ride home knowing we had 25+ with gusts 35 – 40. Keep posting!

  2. […] months.  Riding in the wind is no where near as fun as far as I’m concerned, even if I did make peace with it a while back.  We’re working on our fourth day with sustained winds above 15 mph and […]

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