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Sunday’s Ride


April 2012

This is not a fried egg, it's the sun

I’ve got a goal for Sunday’s 100k of 3-1/2 hours – on my own, no drafting (my goals page used to say 4 hours but I decided to challenge myself).  The other day I checked the weather and they were calling for showers and a high of 47…  Couple that with the wind we’ve been getting lately and I was hoping just to finish if the forecast held!  Fortunately Michigan forecasting is a funny thing.  If I look at the 10 day forecast and we’ve got some bad weather 5-7 days out, you can bet that the rain will get here 1-2 days ahead of schedule.  It’s worked that way for the last 30 years or so that I’ve been following the weather.  My dad was in weather in the Air Force in the ’60’s and he passed some of his knowledge on to me in the form of a 5th Grade science project and it stuck…  Though I can’t quite remember all of the cloud types anymore, I still like to stay up on patterns.  Sure enough, it’s going to be a cool day with highs around 53 but that rain changed:

Winds around 12 mph (after 25-40 that’s great news).  The trick now is going to be the starting temperature…  33.  Woof, it’s going to be a cold (foot warmer and jacket) start…  Of course, I’ll take a cold start over rain and a cold start AND finish any day of the week.

My average pace will have to be 3:28 per mile in order to make my goal a reality, certainly within the realm of possibility.  I’ll have to watch myself though so I don’t start out too fast which I’m prone to doing.  I’m planning on maintaining 3:30’s for the first 40 miles, with a 24 mile push at 3:00’s even.  The on-board menu will include 3 Cherry/Lime Gu – Roctane gels, Gatorade to start followed by water and a couple of energy bars.

The final cap to the ride will be my wife and girls at the finish line waiting for me…  This is an incredibly big deal, as having a spouse that tolerates, neigh, supports my riding addiction is awesome.  I’d live if she weren’t there, but I’m incredibly blessed and happy that she will.

Four days to go and I’m amped!


  1. elisariva says:

    Good plan! I think you will be surprised at your pace. I use cherry/lime too! Pair it with blueberry/pomegranate to mix it up. Good luck!

  2. bikevcar says:

    Good luck. Don’t personally see a problem with a bit of drafting so long as you put in your shift. Are you planning to stop for a drink / eat or keep going the full distance?

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s not about pulling my shift – I do that every other Tuesday night, probably more than my fair share because in order to stay with the big dogs I have to pull – too many drop off the back to do a full cycle in either of the pace lines.

      I want to do it on my own steam – I may draft in the 100 mile ride in August – that’s a long way…

      As far as stopping goes, I’m planning on stopping once to fill up my water bottles, that’s about it. Fueling will be done on the go.

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