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Time for a laugh – and this is a good one…

Holy smokes, is this funny!  One of the salesmen who works for a supplier sent me this…

Original ad: I need someone who speaks japanese to help me translate something. wont take too long. please email me ASAP!
From Me to ************@***********.org:
Hi! You need Japanese translate? I Chan, I help you with translate.
– Chan
From Scott ******* to Me:
hey chan. so ok heres the deal. my cd player suddenly stopped working and i cant figure out why. for some reason the only manual i have is entirely in japanese. i took a pic of the page im pretty sure its the trouble shooting part. can you see if it says anything about no sound coming from the output?
 Photo Available by clicking on link above
From Me to Scott *******:
Ok, I find three thing may help you:
“Failure of Sound from Device” “Skipping of disc for poor sound” “Sound volume low very much”
– Chan
From Scott ******* to Me:
umm..what does it say for the failure of sound one?
From Me to Scott *******:
“Hello and thank you for chose glorious master CD player! Apologies many for trouble of product. To fix failure of the sound, follow step:
1. Unplug glorious master CD player 2. Plug glorious master CD player back in”
I hope this help!
– Chan
From Scott ******* to Me:
that doesnt help me at all. is that all it says?
From Me to Scott *******:
Oh no! Very sorry. There more steps to help you! Here:
“If still experience failure of the sound, your glorious master CD player possessed by audio demon. To banish audio demon, follow step:
1. Ignite seven candle 2. Pray to Benzaiten, Goddess of Music 3. Benzaiten will banish audio demon to eternal suffering 4. Try play CD again
If you fail banishing of audio demon, you failure. Much dishonor of family name. Suggest immediate death by Seppuku.”
I hope you banish audio demon! Much luck.
– Chan (more…)

I Run To Feel Good…

My favorite comment, as I’ve written about many times, is “I don’t run because I don’t want to wreck my knees”.

So here’s the question;  Is walking around with three or four bowling balls worth of extra weight not bad for your knees?

As with depression, the only way I know to be as pain free as possible is to get outside and move.

Now, if you want something “green” to move on – carbon fiber isn’t your thing, say you happen to be a tree-hugger, so you don’t like aluminum or steel…  Try this:

Dude, That's a road bike made out of BAMBOO!

Calfee is on the expensive side…  If that’s too much, check out Boo Bicycles.  I just happened to bump into Mike yesterday when I went out for my ride and he was telling me about a fella he saw at the Tuesday night ride that had one – who ever would have thunk it? Very cool – and I’m anything but a treehugger.

A Note To My Best Friend…

You have been preparing for this afternoon for weeks, getting yourself ready for your first push back into running.  You’ve got your Minimus shoes, your wardrobe, and now your legs.

While supportive, I’ve been rather quiet about your desire to run again, for reasons that don’t matter.  To be truthful, I want this so bad for you, so bad I can taste it.  I want for you to be free, to feel that unquenchable awesome that comes with setting all of those sequestered endorphins free and making the road your bitch.  I want for you to feel the exhilerating relief that “you did it”, or better, that you’re doing it.

I want for you to kick my ass.  I want to be able to tell my friends that not only can my wife run, she can smoke me, and she can do it in those damned barefoot shoes.

I want for our girls to see you run.  I want for them to see you sweat.  I want to watch you show them how it’s done.

It’s time.  Get your sexy on.

For my friends in the blogosphere – please take a second to pump my wife up for her triumphant return to running, tonight.

I love you baby.  Go get ’em.