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A Friendly Hypothesis Turns Into A Theory


April 2012

A while back I walked through a hypothesis with a friend of mine in which we attempted to look at climbing hills in a new way (not noobish) – give cycling a look with some fresh eyes if you will.  Little did I know at the time, but we stumbled onto something big!  Bike v. Car solicited advice on the best way others had found to climb hills so I, freshly back from a bombastic (if windy) ride, suggested something so cutting edge, so perfectly simple, that it boggled both our minds (well I got the idea you were pretty impressed anyway, brother).

Before I get into the wherefore’s, I must state that I’ve studied this hypothesis and tested it relentlessly – I finally concluded my testing today.  With my new method of climbing, I’ve documented an average speed increase of 21.485% up inclines less than 5% and have managed to knock minutes off of my normal rides (16 & 18 miles).

What is it, you ask?  Prepare to have your britches blown across the room…

What you do is you make sure you pick out your routes (one to the north and one to the south) where most of your climbs have you riding in the direction the wind normally blows – I’ve got two hills, dandies, on the way back home and when the wind is blowing from the north east, it’s at my back up the hills!  With no wind I’m lucky if I can break 16 or 17 mph – with a 20 mph wind at my back I’m blowing up that thing somewhere around 22, 23 mph!  Holy SMOKES!  The cycling industry hits another revolution!

What’s that?  The second route?  Oh that’s for if the wind is blowing the other way for some crazy reason!  Just make sure it’s a loop and all of your climbs are with the wind – you’ll feel like superman!

Happy Riding!

Calorie Challenge:  1,404 of 26,104

Cycling Challenge:  603 of 17,960

I’ve fallen a little bit with my taper, but I’m not worried, Sunday is going to bring me back.



  1. Dr. James Johnson says:

    I remind myself that dark matter makes up most of the universe and the repulsive forces of dark matter will be a bigger influence than gravity pulling me back down. Simple cosmology and physics. Dark matter is pushing me up the hill!

    • bgddyjim says:

      That is truly awesome. Somebody dial up Carl Sagan – Billions and billions of muscle fibers combined with the dark matter of the universe… Fabulous!

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