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Two Days and a Wakeup


April 2012

With two days and a wakeup to go to my first 100k I started on maintenance prep yesterday evening instead of going out on my daily ride.  I checked over every inch of my bike (have I mentioned how much I love that bike?  I think so, but I’ll throw that in one more time – I love that bike), degreased the chain, shifted through all of the gears, wiped off the chain and thouroughly cleaned the chain rings and cassette, cleaned the entire bike off, checked every nut and bolt to make sure it was appropriately tight – basically a decent “once over”.  It is what it is, but I’m not exactly too keen on this whole “tapering” dealio.  At the very least, I know when Sunday rolls around I’ll be rarin’ to go.  On tap for today is plenty of work from home – I’m working on one of the most intricate little jobs I’ve ever quoted, and it’s proving to be a serious pain in my butt.  I’ll sandwich in a 16 mile ride at “race pace” at lunch, as the conditions should mimic those expected for Sunday.  I’m having a tough time figuring out what I’ll be wearing on the big day – starting out it’s going to be cold, around 35-37 (F) so it’s absolutely going to be a foot warmer day (wool socks just won’t cut it).  The trick is going to be whether or not I decide to wear a jacket or go with an Under Armour shirt, jersey and arm warmers.  I’m planning on riding today in my jacket to get an idea of whether or not I’ll be too warm.  It should be around 50 degrees at noon so I’m doubting it.  After my ride I’ll be heading over to my local running shop to pick up my Roctane Gels and a couple of Cliff Bars and then finishing up on the bike maintenance this evening (tire pressure etc.).  For tomorrow, I won’t be riding to the running club and I’m keeping it to a 5k easy run around the lake.

The 1 millimeter adjustment on my saddle that I wrote about the other day worked fantastically well by the way – my hot spot is gone…  It’s surprising to me the difference five thousandths of an inch can make – it’s actually kind of funny when I think about it.  Five months ago I was happily (if painfully) riding a bike that was too small by a matter of inches, now I’ve got my setup down to a few thousandths.

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