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Jelly Belly Sport Beans…


I’ve been meaning to write up a quick post about Jelly Belly Sport Beans – I bought a pack with my Roctanes the other day for my 60 miler just because they seemed like a neat novelty (and I love Jelly Belly jellybeans).

They’re awesome in a resealable bag.

I downed the whole bag (about 12 beans if I had to guess) after my ride and they re-energized me.  It was really surprising and I was thoroughly pleased.  They were every bit as good as you’d expect from Jelly Belly.

Fantastic product, and reasonably priced as well – about the same as a Gu.


  1. tlbflowllc says:

    Ha. Looks good! Simple carbs, some vitamins, and some electrolytes. That’s all you need post-workout. 🙂

  2. abrining says:

    I agree 100%. These are a staple for me.

  3. elisariva says:

    Love them! I also like Clif Shot Blocs. Similar to gummy bears. Mixing up texture helps.

  4. EK says:

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