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Ahh, The Diet


I was ribbed a little bit the other day for my choice of dining establishment after a bonk of spectacular proportions on my club ride Tuesday.

I ate Burger King, and I loved it.

Now I could spin this into a need to fuel quickly after my bonk and pushing through it… As cold as I was, I really was in trouble and I wasn’t about to run home and make a tuna sandwich or four. I could go there, but I’d be lying to shut a friend up for daring to question my diet. That is politics – the art of shutting someone up who makes a damn good point because you don’t want to face the reality that it is a damn good point – OR, as is my case, I don’t care if it was a bad choice but I want to “win” the discussion, save face and avoid telling the truth at the same time.

The truth is I eat what I like, unapologetically and without remorse. I like Burger King, and not just their delectable, flame broiled, juicy, wonderful burgers, I like their onion rings and original chicken sandwiches too (with BBQ Sauce, ooohhhh yeah!). These are dalliances though, certainly not the norm and the reality is that my vitals are very good, cholesterol in the 160’s, low bad, high good, blood pressure, resting heart rate, they’re all awesome – so the question really is why wouldn’t I enjoy a Whopper every now and again?

The reality is controversial, but funny.

You’ve got fitness people who go all the way, who eat a healthy meal every time they eat.  You’ve even got the beans and tree bark crowd – God only knows how they enjoy tofu so damned much, that stuff is nasty.  I’m not either of those, and I don’t see the need to change.  I quit enough crap in my life, I’m not about to worry about downing a Whopper with a smile every once in a while.  Last I checked my vitals were on the good side of awesome, and I was only half as active as I am now the last time they were checked.

I am a realist, and Burger King, Fudruckers, and a whole slew of others make a real good burger, and I’m really going to eat them.  I’m not going to do it often, but I certainly am not going to apologize or feel the least bit “guilty” in doing so – oh, and I eat KFC a couple of times a year too – now that’s some tasty chicken!

The point here, of course, is the manner and frequency in which we eat things that make the health food crowd cringe.  Am I going to die appreciably earlier because I enjoy a Whopper every now and again?  Of course not.  How about a donut the twice a year I partake in them?  Nope.  This only becomes a problem when I overdo it – when I eat every other meal at a fast food joint or when I try to count the pickles and iceburg lettuce on a Whopper as my salad for the day (don’t laugh, I’d be willing to bet there’s more than a few people out there who would argue that position).

The reality is that for every Morgan Spurlock, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are quite ok having fast food every now and again…and anyone who understands the basis behind Supersize Me, knows that if one eats 5,000 calories of the healthiest food on the planet a day and doesn’t exercise, one will get fat and become unhealthy – it’s the whole GM exploding gas tank myth redone with food:  Let’s see, if you hit a truck from the side with a gas cap that is intentionally too small so that fuel will spray everywhere when it’s hit and then strap an open flame to the truck, will the end result be a fireball…  No s#!t Spurlock.

Now, was the ribbing serious?  Of course not, it was presented in a funny, tongue in cheek way that was humorous, and this post should be taken in the exact same context.  If one cannot control their intake of tasty food, then one should absolutely stick with the untasty salads and whatnot.  The trick to eating healthy has as much to do with knowing when to push yourself away from the table as does watching what you eat.

Now where did my Oreos go?


  1. gbsmith4 says:

    I’m with you: my treat after ALL races is a trip to McDonald’s!

  2. You mentioned the key point . . . moderation. It is eating that kind of stuff every day that is the real problem.

  3. elisariva says:

    Oh Lord! You had me cringing at every other word! I used to like mcDonalds after a long ride- until I learned more about fast food. The way it is prepared with preservatives, a happy meal can sit out for a YEAR and not decompose. Think what that is doing to a body’s system. My concern is not the endulgement – it is the selection. Some foods – burgers, cookies, anything with high fat, bleached wheat etc… Causes swelling among many other things. That says with you for days. As an athlete I don’t want to deal with that and then ride 60 miles or run 12 miles within a few days. I completely appreciate the banter – one comment you made raised my eyebrow when you spoke of MSU (I am a wolverine). When it comes to some types of foods though I consider them as toxic to the body as drugs.

    Good post my friend!

    • bgddyjim says:

      I used to make burgers at Burger King, about 27 years ago now – their beef is just as good as any ground beef you’d buy at the butcher, it’s just frozen after they make a patty out of it which is why it’s good for a year (all frozen meat is except for fowl). Their buns are just like any other hamburger bun (contrary to popular belief, they go bad after a week just like any other bun). The composition of said bun being unhealthy? I dunno – I switched to wheat tortilla shells in lieu of bread for most sammiches and hot dogs (don’t even go after Kogel’s), but a burger’s gotta have a bun, and a dozen buns a month won’t kill anybody.

      Finally, you have to take into account that we mere mortals are just not as awesome as you. I don’t know how you do it…

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