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A Surprisingly Excellent Ride…


My buddy Steve and I went out for our ride today as planned and to tell you the truth, I really didn’t think it was going to happen.  We had some major storms blow through last night and the residuals lasted all the way up till about 10:00 this morning.  Now when I say major, I’m not talking apocolyptic, but we did get some heavy rain.  My pond in the back yard is overflowing its banks, my back yard is flooded and much of the front yard is puddled…  In fact, we had to cut our ride short because the roads were flooded so bad on half of the route, they were simply impassable without going for a swim in the middle of the ride.  We did get 23 great miles in and it was really nice to ride with a close friend for once, and we hit a pretty decent pace at that.  The temperature, at about 65, was perfect even if it was incredibly humid.  Traffic was fairly light because of the storms (school was even cancelled for our girls), and it was just an absolutely fun ride.  Our pace was fair, 2:50 to 3:40 and we even encountered some adventure riding:

The photo doesn’t quite do the conditions justice – that water was up to my ankles as I pedaled through.  What a blast.

We ended up getting back to the house with an 18 mph average, and the thing I liked most about that was how it felt – like I was hardly working.  I’d be surprised if I made it into Zone 3 more than five short times.

I never would have guessed, judging by the r0ad conditions and the possibility for even more rain, that I’d have that much fun but there it was…it was like taking a brisk stroll, at 18 mph, with friendly conversation the whole way.  I’m a social runner but I’ve found it difficult to find someone to ride with that can keep up (or I’m riding with a group that is quite a bit faster than my current capability, but with people that I’m just getting to know) so I really haven’t bothered to ride with any one friend too much…  But Steve’s my guy.  That ride was all kinds of awesome.


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