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5-6-2012 – Our First (Full) Family Ride


Yesterday was a big day for the BgddyJim Family – we went out for our first ever full family ride, all four of us on our own bike.  We obviously took our time so that we could start teaching Josie (5) how to apply the rules of the road.  I can remember going through this with Bella and the first few weeks are always cause for heart palpitations.  My job is to block cars from getting to close to Josie, and to provide a barrier for her to run into lest she loses control so she doesn’t shoot out into the road…  Even though we always stop when vehicles are present in either direction, I always do the “head on a swivel” to check for imminent dangers.

Another few weeks of daily rides and she’ll be ready to venture over to the dirt roads where we can start logging some actual miles.  By next summer we’ll be doing mini-kid sprints out at the running club.  Josie has really surprised me, how fast she picked up riding without training wheels – she struggled all last summer to ride then all of the sudden, about two weeks ago now, she just started cruising.

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