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Proper Hydration Is A Must!!!

We all know how important proper hydration is, for we hard-core cyclists, it’s right up there with breathing:  Do it right, do it big, or go home!

Well, because I like to look out for my fellow cyclist, I figured I’d take a look at the more important parts of getting hydration right.  I like to look at every angle when it comes to proper cycling technique and etiquette, and hydration during a ride is incredibly important.  Without water, a bonk is just around the corner.

Improper hydration is not for the faint of heart – be forwarned. (more…)

Where Not To Move If You Want To Ride A Bicycle

I read an article in Bicycle News about the Mayor of Toronto’s war an cyclists.  At least he isn’t hiding behind political rhetoric, so I’ve gotta give him that.  Note to self, don’t move to Toronto…  It’s no wonder he’s against them:

Now let’s ban donuts and cakes and see how loud this yahoo whines…  You know what Elisa, I’d give up Whoppers altogether, just to see that jerk suffer.  It’s funny who will attack what, when the “who” doesn’t have anything to lose in the attack.


UPDATE:  I felt compelled to add…  Michigan is extremely bike friendly!  We’ve got rail trails all over the place (including one that goes from Midland to Big Rapids (87.5 – one way) of paved trail and the northern half of lower Michigan (Gaylord specifically) has roads with shoulders larger than bike lanes.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Dad

I was 33, my wife 29 before we decided to have children. We had been married for six years. What this meant for us is that we had plenty of time to be married before we had little ones running around. I love how we did it… Everything that happened after that one decision had purpose and intent behind it.

So this is my gratitude list for having two amazing, lovely daughters:

10. I love getting to say stuff my dad did. He’s a good man even if he made some poor decisions when he was younger.  Considering, he did a bang up job raising us.

9. I love seeing my wife in my daughters.

8. I love their little speech impediments, take for instance, Bella’s long gotten over, “lellow” in lieu of yellow. I realized about ten seconds after we fixed that one that I missed “lellow” and never should have corrected it until she was in grade school.  Josie has minor troubles with “R’s” and I’m hard pressed to say much about it because I’m so enamored by it.

7. I love doing their homework with them, on a limited basis of course. I love watching them wrap their minds around problems – it’s neat to see the cogs move.

6.  I love how well Bella reads and that Josie asks me, every night without fail, if it’s OK if Bella reads her a book before bed.  Man, I love that.

5.  I love telling my girls to suck it up and move on in the face of adversity.  Not only is it a good reminder for me, it’s awesome to watch the alligator tears turn into laughter after a minor boo-boo.  Same goes for other little challenges – Josie gets it a lot in swimming class.  The greatest reactions are from other dads who are quick to point out how cool that is – I’ll have to pay better attention to some of the moms’ reactions.

4.  I love watching my girls grow.  I love watching them eat and play and live.

3.  I love watching my girls win – and like it.  Bella’s Pinewood Derby was the perfect example.

2.  I love taking them on vacation – whether it’s to Grandpa Pat’s and Grandma’s house, or on any of our mountain vacations over the last several years.  It seems so much of life is work, I like to share that “let the hair down” time with them.

1.  I love the hugs and kisses.  I love watching them breathe.  I love watching them live.  Above all, I love the fact that my wife and I made them.  I can remember when Bella was only a week or two old, she was born jaundiced and we’d finally cleared the woods and taken back her biliblanket…  Mrs. BgddyJim and Bella and I were laying in bed, getting ready for a nap, Bella in between us and facing towards me – her every breath hitting me on the bridge of my nose.  That was the first “wow I’m a dad” moment and it was awesome.  I made sure and had the same moment with Josie shortly after she was born.  Good times.

Every once in a while, when things are hectic and I’m having a tough time finding a path out of the woods, it does me good to put together a little list of things that I’m grateful for.  This is a keeper.