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The Cinnamon Challenge… Really?


Approaching “old fart” status has it’s challenges.  I can remember the first fad that I passed on – the “I need a belt baggy jeans” fad.  I can remember thinking, the first time I saw a kid who’d decided it would be a good idea to pull this stupid fad off – without the much needed boxers underneath – at the local mall…  There he was, lilly white butt with his jeans riding half way down his ass, walking around like he was the coolest thing since John Travolta in a white suit and black shirt, looking about as foolish as you possibly can in public…  My wife and I laughed about that occasion for more than a year, on and off.  I also saw another kid at work, attempt to run up a flight of metal stairs to the break room in said baggy jeans – sans belt of course – only to have his baggy jeans fall down to his ankles on the fifth stair, causing him to trip and smash the bridge of his nose on the raised grate of the metal stair tread.  It was bloody and one of the funniest things I’d ever seen at the same time.

That notwithstanding, there are a few things that are stupid and very dangerous at the same time, but are just too damn funny to avert my eyes…  One would be the cinnamon challenge.  Before I get into explaining said challenge, it must be noted that it is very dangerous.  A girl who attempted it accidentally breathed in during the attempt and got cinnamon in her lung, which caused an infection and collapsed it…  So don’t freaking try this at home, because it’s stupid – on the other hand, all of the people shown in the video survived unscathed, so feel free to laugh hysterically.

The challenge is:  Take a tablespoon of cinnamon and eat it, water is cheating.  From what I understand, it’s near impossible…  It is funny though:

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