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Friday 35.55 – Now That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!

I’ve really enjoyed some photo posts that other bloggers have posted lately so I decided to do one of my own.  Today’s ride was nothing short of spectacular.  There hasn’t been one cloud in the sky since the sun came up this morning – these days are rare in Michigan.

Half of my back yard – notice the sky

Mile 7 – Farm Field (one of about 3 dozen on this route)

Today is my work from home day so I normally like to head out about noon so I’ve got some time where I don’t have to worry about getting a phone call for at least an hour while I’m riding. Mrs. BgddyJim is feeling a little under the weather today, so I went and picked Josie up from Kindergarten before heading out.  The temperature was perfect – 70 degrees on clipping in.          I started out at a moderate pace because tomorrow is going to be another 35 mile day and I didn’t want to burn myself out for tomorrow’s festivities.

Jennings Rd, Between Crane (left) and Loon (right) Lakes – Our running club meets at a house on Crane Lake

More Seymour Rd (This leg feels like it goes on forever)

Seymour Rd (Still) heading into Swartz Creek (Mile 28)

My fabulous steed parked in front of my favorite haunt: Assenmacher’s Cycle Shop – Downtown Swartz Creek

The Home Stretch – Mile 34

The temperature on finishing was 73 degrees – and I’m seriously debating on whether or not to go on another 16 miler – it’s just too perfect outside.  Maybe I’ll take Bella for a fiver on the fat tire bike when she get home from school.

Final numbers for the ride according to Endomondo:35.5 miles in 1:56:12 – 18.35 mph average (not bad considering I stopped to take 14 pictures along the way – so much for taking it easy).

1,936 calories burned

The rider’s high afterwards:  Priceless

My Endomondo Challenges:

Cycling Challenge 636 of 23,207 with 669 miles since April 1st

Move Your Butt Calorie Challenge:  1945 of 21,914

National Bike Challenge (Local Leaderboard):  #10 of 337

A note on stopping at Assenmacher’s – I was doing, ahem, research for my cleaning tips post and I happened on an unedited photo of a girl that had been hit by a truck.  Half of her looked normal laying on the asphalt, the other half was a grease spot.  It was absolutely horrific.  I stopped in to say hi to Matt and finally pick up a bar end mirror – it’s not aero, it’s not race worthy – but I don’t want to be a grease spot.

Awesome Bike Cleaning Tips

Here’s an EXCELLENT place to find a couple of really good bike cleaning tips…  I never thought about removing the rear wheel to degrease the chain, but that makes a whole lot of sense, now that I’ve seen it done.

One place the pro bike washer goes wrong is using a power washer…  Any decent bike mechanic will tell us mere mortals that we can’t do that…  Why?  We’re not replacing our parts with new, free stuff whenever our $2,000 drivetrain starts showing signs of wear.  Instead, I use the “shower” setting on my garden hose, that literally lets the water fall out like rain (not a hurricane driven rain)…  But the degreasing of the chain and the manner in which he washes the bike are much more efficient and quick than I normally am…  Also, and this is just a minor sticking point, I won’t apply degreaser directly to the cassette – why risk getting the degreaser on the bearings in the cassette that actually need grease to work properly, when a replacement cassette runs around $80?

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