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Continental Gatorskins – 1,000 Mile Review


On March 1st I installed two brand new Continental Gatorskin clincher tires on my road bike – yesterday I rolled my 1,000th mile on those tires so I figured I’d take a minute to write a quick review.

Fortunately, this won’t take long as I’ll be heading out for today’s brick workout (bike, run, bike) to put another 30 miles on those tires…  They’re perfect.  1,000 miles and not one flat.  Of course, I run them at their recommended pressure (125 psi) so they’re very fast but not very forgiving on bumps.  I’ve rolled over gravel, sand, glass, metal – you name it, and I’ve only ever had one very small pebble imbed in the rubber (which I did remove).

You’ll recall that I did have a flat last Friday, but that was due to an obvious defect in the tube, not a problem with the tires.

They’re wearing very well, they’re still very “grippy” and I haven’t got a complaint.  What a great tire.


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  1. 888riley says:

    I did a tour over a couple of weeks at Christmas (see from Narooma to Melbourne (in Australia) and got about a bazillion flats, despite the Continental Gatorskins, front and back. Which was very very weird, because I think in the preceding two years I’d had just ONE puncture. I won’t disagree that they;re good tyres, they’re great. I just had a ridiculous and weird run of bad luck. I actually replaced the rear tyre with a new Continental Gatorskin at one point, and got another flat within an hour. At that point I went back to the bike shop to buy a whole new wheel – because I figured I just couldn’t find the burr or spoke or whatever it was that was causing the problem. But the mechanic did a quick check and sure enough found a piece of glass that had pushed through the hour-old tyre. Just bad luck. After that things were fine. But it was so strange get so many flat tyres in a row after so few in the past (Since that trip I have had just one)

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