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The Funniest, Most Stereotypically Horrific Commercial – Ever!


Now this is going to get a touch racy before long folks, but a) it’s not all that bad and b) once you see this for yourself, you’ll have no choice but to laugh – or become angry and call you Congressperson to demand somebody do something!!! (if that is you, if you’re the call you Congressperson because of the idiocy of this stupid commercial, please do two things for me…  Look to the upper left of your browser – see that little “unfollow” or “-” button?  Yeah, click on that.  Then go to the upper right…  See that red “x”?  Yeah, click on that).  I’ll wait…

Now that we’re in sane company, let’s look at the funniest damn diet commercial I think I’ve ever seen, and we’ll do a little take down on it:

0:02 – that’s right folks, two whole seconds into this commercial!  You’ve got three models with blonde wigs on…  Really?  Swedish chicks are all stereotypically hot, and you couldn’t find three for the stinkin’ commercial?  Well that get’s me to thinking, who makes this stuff?  Ahh, Health to Happiness, Inc. – Largo, Florida…but the website is .uk…  Oh I don’t know, maybe they are Swedish, maybe they aren’t (I don’t particularly care and the stereotypes go both ways in this commercial).

0:08:  If it can help you lose weight, why not try it?  Oh my, this ad preys on the incredibly stupid.

0:012:  A system of steps that are fun to follow!  Like change your diet to a healthy one, exercise 20 minutes a day and take our pill (rocket science this is not, you’ll obviously lose weight without the pill).

0:16:  Two drinks a day that are easy to swallow…  Rewind that and check it out again – the choreographer has one hell of a sense of humor, that’s freaking awesome and hilarious at the same time!  90% of male respondents agree!

0:25  Say ya, to the amazing Swedish Diet, it’s at your local store so run out and buy it?  Well there’s a good reason to blow $25!  It’s in the store!

0:30:  Again, the choreographer is either a genius or a dope.

Ah, the amazing Swedish Diet.  You should notice that at no point in the commercial does it actually say that the pill will help you lose weight, it just poses a question:  if it will, why not buy it.  The commercial does say that changing your diet and exercising will help you trim up though.

So here’s my take-down on why I think this is a foreign made commercial:  Foreigners typically believe the bad press that most Americans are completely stupid.  The typical American is not stupid.  Let’s face it folks, we went from start-up to top of the world in 200 years.  That’s pretty freaking excellent and if we’re all that stupid, how is it that we beat all of the established countries so easily?  Now, the argument can be made that we’re going down the wrong path now, having China fund our debt, but that’s a topic for a different blog.  Either way, the notion that most of us are complete dopes is very European – not that this matters, really…  And the stuff with the choreography?

And why I think it’s an American commercial:  I just get the feeling that this may be an American deal that’s playing on the European stereotype (that I just displayed, in the last paragraph), that Europeans believe that Americans are stupid – it’s just a little too easy.  In any event, the company doesn’t need the smart people to buy the stuff…  It’s got a lot of the same ingredients that an Energy Drink has as far as I could tell – and they charge $25 for a week’s supply ($25 for the first week, $25 every other week thereafter)…  You get 10,000 idiots to try the stuff and that’s $250,000 in the first week and $500,000 a month thereafter…  That ain’t so bad.  Anyway, the chicks are obviously American as were the singers…  so at the very least the commercial was shot here.

Either way, every time I see that commercial on TV I laugh my a$$ off – especially that part about being easy to swallow, not that’s entertainment!


  1. Deana says:

    oh man, and here I blew all my money on a bike. Bummer. 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing! ROFL!! Who comes up with this stuff?

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