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Mother’s Day Rides Abound


After I got back from a great, if short, 16 mile speed ride we went out on a Mother’s Day family ride on the fat tire bikes – little Josie’s longest to date on her little Trek Mountain Cub, two miles through a quaint subdivision up the road from us… She’s a little trooper, that kid, and she really digs her bike rides. It was absolutely awesome, 70 degrees and perfectly sunny.

For my training ride, I had planned on taking it easy after my 2/3’s of a brick yesterday, but – well you know the story, the recovery ride lasted about two revolutions of the crank. Notably, I’m starting to get a lot more efficient (read ‘fast’) on the hills so my mile times are starting to vary a lot less wildly. There are three miles in particular with decent hills that really used to slow me down, I’d drop 30-40 seconds on each of those. Now the times are a lot closer to my normal 2:50-3:00 miles. I’m pushing through those at 3:10 – 3:15. A marked improvement over my normal 3:30-3:40 times on them. I ended up at 19.5 mph and that was only because I had to stop at every stop light on the route and half of the stop signs – and today I spent a considerable amount of time between 21 and 23 mph… that’s all good! I was beginning to go through a little doubt – that I was pretty much stuck at 20 unless I had a good tail wind or I was heading down hill.

All in all, it just doesn’t get any better than that (at least infill I go out and see if I can keep up with the big dogs on Tuesday.

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