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A Fine Time To Miss The Fat Tire Bike – Addendum 1


This is so bizarre to me; On my road bike I’ve got one of the hardest saddles my bike shop carries and it feels like silk on my butt.  A top notch Bontrager gel mountain bike saddle and I’m literally stinging after 10 miles or so.  I’m going to have to start tinkering with that thing a little bit to see if I can’t get my but in a better position.  For one, I’ve gotta nose it up just a little bit and I’m going to have to look into the height – something is just off…

Anyway, I took the road bike out this morning after yesterday’s debacle.  Lowering my saddle one millimeter the other day made a huge difference on my ride this morning.  By normal standards I was right on the money at 19.7 mph average and I actually finished feeling better than when I started.  A sure sign that I’ve got it locked in  just right.

I forgot to mention in my little blurb about tinkering around on my bikes…  I checked my hood alignment on my bars the other day and found that one of my hoods was about 1/8″ too high on the right side.  I’ve been having an impossible time looking over my left shoulder after more than 15 or 16 miles because I would develop a “crick” in the right side of my neck…  Well, now I know why.  I was putting an uneven amount of pressure on my right arm because I didn’t have to reach quite as far to the hood.  Now that I’ve got that properly straightened out, no more crick in my neck.

I used to think all of those people who talked about their bikes in terms of millimeters were nuts.  I was wrong – they matter, every last one in some cases..

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