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Oh How I Missed The Summer

Today was an excellent day.  Sunny from the minute it rose, temperatures started warm and only got better.  It’s currently sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and 86 degrees.  I had my girls with me as Mrs. Bgddy Jim had a meeting to attend to so I couldn’t ride to the running club.  This was good news, I turned in my best 4 mile time ever at 30:40 with a 7:39 pace.  I had some chili for lunch and the girls and I headed for home.  After cutting the back 40, my lovely wife came home and I suited up for my ride, a 25 miler.  It was a little breezy but I really didn’t plan on trying to hit it too hard, it’s been a fairly high mileage week.

The ride was uneventful and thoroughly enjoyable, it was so nice to be hot on a ride.  This is when I like the wind.  By the time I crossed the 18 mile mark I had a comfortable 19+ mph pace going so I decided to take it down a notch and just spin the last seven back.  I finished at 18.4 mph and a smile on my face.

The grass is cut, my miles are in and the Tigers are in the process of trying to take two in a row…  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

I had initially thought about cancelling my triathlons this year to concentrate on a couple of Century rides, but two of my tri friends are really fired up about doing them again this year.  Tammy actually nicknamed them “Jimmy Tri’s” and actually recruited a couple of other people to do them as well so they’re back on for sure.

Next week is looking to be an incredible week weather wise, so I’m looking forward to another busy week.


Rockin’ The Habitat for Humanity Olympics

If you have the chance, Habitat for Humanity offers a charitable “Olympics” in which a five person team competes in events that gain the team points as they are successfully completed.  Each team member donates a small amount to compete, for which you’ll be given a t-shirt that you’ll never wear, except for cutting the grass on the weekend, and an opportunity to raise money for a decent charity – and to have an utter blast.

Our Team

The events vary from year to year and venue to venue so I won’t bother getting into detail on what they were, but they’re difficult yet simple, and fun as it gets.  Unlike the normal Olympics, the Habitat Olympics offer participants Mulligans – at a price.

Now how’s that for a moral quandary?  You can cheat if you’ve got the cash, for charity.  As a team we dug deep, performance wise of course, and did really well on the events and spent a fair bit on the Mulligans…and when our points were totaled we were in solid bronze medal position.  Following the events was a silent auction.  I knew going in there was going to be a massage at the local fitness club on the block so I didn’t bother with bidding on it – I flat out bought it.  When we were through with the silent auction we had a team meeting about our point total.  The ladies and I weren’t happy with our third podium position – so we dug deep (into our pockets this time) and did what anyone would do in our position:

We bought the gold medal.  GO TEAM!

Unfortunately I had other responsibilities to tend to so I couldn’t stay for the awards 2 hours later…