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Rockin’ The Habitat for Humanity Olympics


If you have the chance, Habitat for Humanity offers a charitable “Olympics” in which a five person team competes in events that gain the team points as they are successfully completed.  Each team member donates a small amount to compete, for which you’ll be given a t-shirt that you’ll never wear, except for cutting the grass on the weekend, and an opportunity to raise money for a decent charity – and to have an utter blast.

Our Team

The events vary from year to year and venue to venue so I won’t bother getting into detail on what they were, but they’re difficult yet simple, and fun as it gets.  Unlike the normal Olympics, the Habitat Olympics offer participants Mulligans – at a price.

Now how’s that for a moral quandary?  You can cheat if you’ve got the cash, for charity.  As a team we dug deep, performance wise of course, and did really well on the events and spent a fair bit on the Mulligans…and when our points were totaled we were in solid bronze medal position.  Following the events was a silent auction.  I knew going in there was going to be a massage at the local fitness club on the block so I didn’t bother with bidding on it – I flat out bought it.  When we were through with the silent auction we had a team meeting about our point total.  The ladies and I weren’t happy with our third podium position – so we dug deep (into our pockets this time) and did what anyone would do in our position:

We bought the gold medal.  GO TEAM!

Unfortunately I had other responsibilities to tend to so I couldn’t stay for the awards 2 hours later…

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