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The Sweet Sound Of Silence

It’s 8 in the morning on Sunday.  I’ve already got my daily ride out of the way and am about to get breakfast ready for the family and start getting ready for my little sister’s wedding…

Generally I’m not much of a morning rider, my work schedule simply doesn’t allow for it but after my ride this morning I’m going to seriously consider sqeezing in more Friday and Sunday morning rides.  It was beautiful – and quiet.  I was passed by maybe six cars during my entire sixteen mile ride – that’s down from 25-35.

After the efforts of the past few days my left calf is a little tight so I was in recovery mode and I was taking it relatively easy.  This was not an easy choice – the conditions outside were perfect for a good push.  100% sunny, 65 degrees and absolutely no wind.

Data from the ride:

Goal:  Medium/High paced recovery:  3minutes:20seconds/mile

App:  Endomondo Pro – iPhone edition

Battery level at start/finish:  100%/92% (Stand-by mode, black screen, mileage/total time/mile time audio coach ON)

Cycling, sport
Start Time
May 20, 2012 6:55 AM
16.01 miles
Avg Speed
18.3 mph
Max Speed
22.1 mph
862 kcal
768 ft / 850 ft
98 ft ↑ / 72 ft ↓

The dips in speed are stop signs that I got momentarily stuck at

Beyond the actual quite due to the lack of traffic, I cleaned and lubed my chain last night.  I had about 250 mile on my bike since my last clean/lube so it was time…  The only sound my bike makes going down the road is tire noise on the asphalt – I love that sound.

I’ve found that even swimming in cold water helps recovery immensely – be sure to check out the linked Do’s and Don’ts as well. Great post.


We all know that ice helps us recover from an injury faster by increasing blood flow to the injured area.  I`ve used ice packs a lot over the years to treat hockey or other sports injuries and really believe it works.  One thing I`ve never done, until recently is take an ice bath.

World class athletes do it all the time.  According to most

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