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Well I’ll Be, Happy Cycling Anniversary To Me…


One year ago, Monday, I bought a cheap, beat up and rusted Huffy mountain bike with eyes on a triathlon. One year ago today I went on my first real training ride – 4 miles in 17:34 – and absolutely busted my ass to do that. That’s an average pace of 13.8 mph. I was also averaging about 13 miles a week back then – all running – and couldn’t manage better than an 8-8:40 mile pace.

In the last year I’ve bought a Trek mountain bike (I completed my tri’s on that), a Cannondale SR400 road bike and a Trek 5200 road bike for myself, a K2 mountain bike for my wife, 2 mountain bikes for my eldest daughter and my youngest has three bikes of various sizes (some of which we’ve had for a few years).

I’ve put more than 3,300 miles on my bikes in that year, completed a couple of Olympic length tri’s and had a hell of a great time in the process. I average around 120 miles a week between running and riding, my riding pace is around 20-21 mph and my running pace is 7:10 – 7:39 – 8:00 min/mile depending on the distance.

I’ve lost my last 15 lbs, dropped my resting heart rate from 70 to 55, lowered my blood pressure and have changed from a ho-hum existence to one that I truly enjoy.

One year ago today I made my life fun.

Happy Anniversary To Me.

UPDATE: I celebrated my cycling anniversary as a cycling anniversary should be celebrated…by kicking out of work a little early and hitting the road. 25 miles @ 19.8 mph – just a shade over 1h:15m. What a great day for a ride. Celebration dinner: Pizza – big time!


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! You’ve accomplished a lot since then.

  2. iswimbikerunstrong says:

    Happy anniversary. Congratulation on the lifestyle improvement.

  3. bikevcar says:

    We have been moving house over the last few days so I’ve been checking out your blog on my phone but can’t comment. Just wanted to say congrats on your first anniversary and also that it’s funny what a similar stage of our cycling lives we are in. My 1st anniversary is in 3 weeks time and you seem to be as obsessed as I am with the bike. The only difference I can find is your average speed is a couple of mph higher than me. I’m clocking about 18mph average these days so I’d better up my game!

    Keep it up fella

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks brother – I may be a touch faster, but you can climb, whereas I’m goo after a few hundred meters. Good luck with the move and I’ll be looking forward to your anniversary post.

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