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You know you’re a cyclist when…


There are many pieces of evidence one can use as justification to consider oneself an endurance cyclist I’d hardly want to list them all but here’s a few:

You’re riding in wind that sucks the life out of you – and it makes you laugh.  You figure a 25mph crosswind is a fine time to do some intervals with the extra resistance.

You push hard enough that you puke – and that makes you laugh.

Just before ralphing you realize that you’re more than halfway home and you’re so bummed that you consider adding another ten or fifteen miles just so you can prolong the enjoyment of the ride – even though you absolutely do not have the time to fit that in.

You hadn’t bothered checking your average speed because you figured riding into the crosswind and wind slowed you down too much, so even after doing some intervals, but because you were stopped at every stop sign and stop light, you figure you’ll just call it a nice “easy” ride.  Three miles to home and you check just for giggles to make sure you’re above 17 mph so you can push with the wind at your back to get your speed up to a respectable 17.5 in tough conditions – your computer shows 19 mph so you kick it anyway to try to get the average up to 19.5.

You finish with your 25 mile ride, the longest distance you could realistically complete in the time available and still meet family obligations, and you long for your Century.

These all happened to me yesterday and I can’t even begin to articulate how much fun I had.  The weather had been cloudy and chilly all morning but the clearing (and wind) began around 1:00 in the afternoon…by the time I was riding it was mostly sunny and 73.  On the agenda for today is another 25 and the forecast is for completely sunny and 80 with winds below 10 mph.  Perfect!

What are your favorite “You know you’re an endurance athlete when” moments?


  1. bamboogirl says:

    A few months ago, we donated our warehouse to be the end destination for the “Spring Classsics”. We supplied the space and shower for the lucky riders that finished the route, who got to not only eat to their hearts desire, but warm up their frost-bitten souls under 2 heat lamps! The temp on thr ride at certain elevations got down to 30’s, which isn’t horrid, but it rained-hard almost the entire 100 miles. Everyone riding had no brake pads left because of the wet, gritty roads becoming sandpaper on rims and any descent was a bit sketchy toward the end. Check it out! Your awesome post reminded me of how pained their faces looked, but what a memorable experience they had. Thanks for your post!!

  2. elisariva says:

    You know you are an endurance athlete when you practice “going” without stopping….

    • bgddyjim says:

      3,600 miles last year and I haven’t had to experience that… That’s a good one though… yeah, just gonna let that one settle…

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