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It Really Is A Small World


I’ve written about Matt Assenmacher quite a bit since I started this blog – he’s helped me out immensely with getting into cycling.  He’s the one person I know who loves cycling more than I do (and he enjoys it more by an order of magnitude)…  But there’s more to the story.

Before I’d gotten into cycling I passed by Matt’s shops on a fairly regular basis and I wondered if he was related to someone from my past – same last name.  My grade school gym teacher.  Mr. Assenmacher was pretty tough, he pushed us hard, but he was really good about it – he took the time to find the right buttons to push to get us moving.  He made a huge impact on my physical fitness as a kid and that carried to adulthood.  He was one of those grade school teachers whose lessons apply 30 years later.

When I finally met Matt at his shop after picking up cycling, I asked him if he was related to a gym teacher – sure enough, my grade school gym teacher was his brother.

So while I have and take the responsibility for my being physically fit, the Assenmacher family impacted my life in a huge way – first teaching me about fitness in the first place and then helping me to enjoy cycling (30 years later) more than I ever thought possible.

It really is a small world.

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