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Big Daddy Bumps It Up A Notch – Living Pain Free (Relatively Speaking)


Please forgive the title of this post – I believe that everyone should refer to themselves in the third person at least once every three months to make sure the ego is still working correctly.  If one refers to oneself in the third person,using a nickname, we’ll that’s bonus points right there.  That said, once every three sentences is too much – even if you’re Deion Sanders or Terrell Owens.  I just threw that last quip in for context.

I’ve written before about the bite splint that I wear at night.  It aids in recovery from soreness, rest, and my overall enjoyment of physical fitness because I just don’t have a need for down-time that I did prior to using it.  I literally recover from a workout as I did when I was half my age.  I can remember the first day I woke up after wearing it through the night for the first time – I actually got a little misty.  I went from a life of battling back pain, muscle pain and general soreness to being completely pain-free in one night.  I felt as if someone had taken an oil-can and lubed every one of my joints.  The remarkable thing, at least to me, is that I still feel great (herculean jumps in running mileage and a slight dabble in the fore-foot strike notwithstanding).  I had assumed that, with the bulk of my pain gone, my perception would change – my tolerance for pain would diminish.  That hasn’t happened.

At the dentist’s office yesterday afternoon I updated him on how I’ve been doing with the splint and how well everything is going.  After which, he asked me to meet with the executives of a major athletic outfitter to plug his bite splint (one of the big four) in a “testimonial” nature.  Now granted, I’d be giving him a plug – without compensation, that will add weight to the value of his product, but in all honesty, it’s worth it – my bite splint is worth its weight in gold and I think everyone should have one.  If my plug helps someone go from a painful life to pain free, it’s worth it – my splint is that good.

If you suffer from lower or upper back pain or neck pain, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.  If you’re interested, my dentist can be reached here…  If you click on the testimonials page – the written one is mine.

Full disclosure:  I paid for mine.


  1. bikevcar says:

    Bike V Car had no idea what a ‘bite splint’ was until he Googled it. But now he realises it’s quite similar to the gum shield he wears in bed to stop him grinding his teeth in his sleep. Being hyperactive is very useful for keeping fit and achieving things, but a bit frustrating when it comes to trying to sleep!

    p.s. not convinced by the third person-talk but I gave it my best shot!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Bigdaddy Jim thinks we did a bang up job, and probably pushed it far enough to last for at least another six months.

      Well said.

      It is much like your anti-grinding device, yes it is.

  2. […] have written a few times about the bite splint that I wear while I sleep.  I am a clencher, meaning while I’m […]

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