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June 1st – And A Rest At Last…


June 2012

I rode my butt into gloriously taught bulbousity last month – 606 miles overall – my best month evah.  In fact, I even made it out yesterday afternoon on the fat tire bike in the rain just to make sure I would maintain 7th place on one of my Endomondo Challenges (more on that in a minute).

Alas, it’s raining to beat the band and looks like it will continue doing so until some time tomorrow (if not Sunday) so I’ll finally be taking a day off.  After my short ride yesterday I really began to realize just how tired I am…  With only three days off all last month, it’s time for some rest.

That said, the rest will be short-lived – if it doesn’t stop raining by tomorrow morning, I’ll be going for a long run in lieu of a long ride and a shorter run.  No sense in getting my bikes sloppy from riding in the rain, but I’ll clean up just fine.

I think for this afternoon I’ll take care of some cleanup around the house and maybe wash up my bikes.

The final tally on my Endomondo Challenges follow:

National Get Up & Ride Campaign:  1,123 pts, 7th PLACE of 441 local riders (top 1.6%) on 583 Miles (cycling & mtb) in May.  On the National level I was 720 of 25,723 (top 3%) – there is a caveat that goes with this challenge.  Endomondo has three different classifications of “cycling”.  Cycling Sport, Transport and Mountain Biking – this challenge favored the cycling transport in points over cycling sport so to get my 1,123 points I had to ride 584 miles in “cycling sport”.  The guy in 6th place, who logged mostly cycling transport miles (98%), only logged 545 miles and he beat me by 42 points.  If you’re wondering, yes I have known about this difference for a while, but I wasn’t about to be dishonest about it – I ride for sport even if I could have claimed 44 of those miles as legitimate transport miles (riding down to the running club on Saturdays).

Spring time is cycling time has finished.  You came in 634th. (1,060 miles in April and May) of 28,708 (top 2.2%)

Shatter your calories challenge by KOAR has finished.  You came in 215th. 34,317 kcal burned in May of 6,049 (top 3.5%)

Move your butt – with Endomondo has finished.  You came in 1261st.   34,317 kcal burned in May of 31,266 (top 3.6%)

At least for the next day or two I think I’m going to take a month off from the Challenges to concentrate on other fun cycling pursuits.

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