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From Bigdaddy’s Grill: Chicken Alfredo


June 2012

Mrs. BgddyJim and I have gone through several incarnations of Fettuchini Alfredo with chicken in the last ten or so years, till we’ve finally come close to perfecting it.

My version comes with a caveat – I don’t make the sauce from scratch.  I let Paul Newman do it for me.  For the chicken, my girls don’t exactly appreciate grilled chicken like my wife and I do so I had to come up with a way to grill chicken that would keep it from looking, well, grilled. I simply wrap the chicken in aluminum foil, add in a little olive oil and some Italian seasoning (thanks Emiril) and a couple pinches of salt and drop it on the grill.  This goes on the grill a couple of minutes before the uncovered chicken…

For the regular grilled chicken, I like something with a little kick so I use two seasonings:  McCormick’s Montreal Chicken and Weber’s Kickin’ Chicken.  Be careful with the seasoning – too much and it overpowers the chicken (and the fettuchini alfredo):

For cooking time, I’m I good grill chef but I’m not so good at the “instructions” part – I go by look and feel rather than a set time.  The best I can offer is is 5 minutes a side and then a few more minutes to make sure it’s good ‘n done (oh, and the thick part of the chicken breast goes on the hottest part of the grill).


The Weber’s Kickin’ Chicken really does pack a punch – if you don’t like spicy, stick with just the Montreal Chicken.

This is one of my favorite dinners.

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