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I May Be A B@st@rd, But It’s Got Nothing To Do With Luck

This was, without a doubt, one of the best weekends I’ve had in recent memory.  With the exception of a few short, early morning posts, I pretty much put the computer and phone down and de-teched for a weekend.  I got a ton of miles in Saturday morning and with the girls at a friend’s house for the night on Saturday the wife and I had plenty of time to ourselves with few distractions.  On top of that, call it the whipped cream, the wife and I took the fat-tire bikes out for an easy 8 mile spin (which brought my total mileage for the week up to 157) on Sunday.  We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night at what used to be one of the best restaurants in the area – they expanded their seating capacity 2-fold while failing to expand the kitchen – so now they can’t get the food out fast enough for all of the traffic – we waited an hour between the salad and entree.

The fellas and I steered the conversation to our latest workout achievements and goals, as we normally do when we’re together and after a fashion I talked about how I am finally getting my diet situated with all of the miles I’ve been putting in – that I’m finally managing to eat enough to not only keep my weight up, but to gain a few in the process and that I’ve done so by doubling what I normally eat, which is just about as scientific as what I’ve done gets.  To that, one of the ladies replied, “you lucky b@st@rd”.  Now this was said all in fun, so don’t get the wrong idea that I should have taken offense at her choice of explicatives, but her overall point, that I’m lucky, is what I take an exception to and is greatly mistaken.

Weight is all about calories in and calories burned.  It’s not rocket science, though some treat it as though it is because discipline is hard.

What she did, as so many people do, is compare my reality to her experience.  She assumed that I ate like most normal people (35% of whom are obese) to begin with and then doubled that.  Nothing could be further from the truth though.  The truth is that I ate exactly what my body needed to maintain its weight, and for anyone who’s done the math, that’s not much.  I’ve maintained, for several years, the ability to push myself away from the table when I’m full.  Mastering this was not easy and it is not subconscious, which would lend credence to “luck” having something to do with it.  For years I passed on deserts except on special occasions, or in strict moderation.  I rarely, if ever, went back for seconds and I always kept a running guesstimate on my food intake for a week – if I’d eaten a little heavier than average, then I would lighten up for a few days.

Now that I’m riding between 125 and 150 miles a week, an additional 6,000-75,00 calories are required just to maintain my weight…  That’s a lot of pizza folks (or two and a half really big trips to Burger King :D).  In fact, I was quite worried for some time that I would not be able to stop the weight loss because I am perfectly adapted to eating a specific amount every day and eating more than that has proven to be quite difficult – I was actually preparing myself mentally to cut down on my mileage if I dropped below a certain weight.

While that may sound like a good problem to have, in my case, eating more is really no different from trying to eat less – especially when one considers that I get no satisfaction from overeating.  Eating wasn’t always like that for me, I was considered overweight for a time, I made it that way over years of practice.

So to sum this up, a b@st@rd I may be, but it surely has nothing to do with luck.