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Tech-Mech News On The 5200

June 2012

Yesterday was a forced day off from riding so I tinkered with the 5200 a bit to try to get it a little more dialed in. I mentioned back in May, that I’d gotten my hoods leveled out. They were good, but they still weren’t perfect. I noticed a little soreness in my right shoulder developing after Tuesday night’s ride. 88 miles in three days is a pretty decent distance in my world, and two of the three were solid efforts, so the stress started wearing on me a little bit. The shop had them close enough that I couldn’t tell they were off by eye, but I sure could tell on the last few miles of the club ride the other night. Also, the crick I would develop in my neck and shoulder immediately cleared up so I thought I was good. Well, come to find out it was close, but not quite. I dropped the right side slightly and toed it in to match the left by a hair…

Yup, that’ll do! What a difference – and I tried that new route Mike told me about on Tuesday – man it’s like riding up north. Getting through Swartz Creek is the worst part of the ride – and there are bike paths on the busiest road, the rest was smooth sailing – no traffic and ridiculously smooth roads, it was beautiful. That’s definitely going to replace my normal 25 mile route.

Next up is a nap, followed by getting rid of a tiny pedal click.


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