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100 Miles Isn’t As Much As I Thought

Last year I would struggle to fit 100 miles into a week. Oh how things can change. After taking a day off on Wednesday, I rolled over 100 miles on Friday, and I still had Saturday and Sunday to go… 50 on Saturday and 12 today and I’m at 164 do the week.

There are a few reasons for the increase but this is the important one: Last year I was training, this year it’s mostly for fun and stress relief, the fact that I’ll be able to accomplish most of the goals I set out to at the beginning of the year will be of less about determination and more a result of being fit beyond the effort required to accomplish those goals as a result of simply enjoying myself – and let me tell you, that’s a fun place to be.

Also enjoyable, if not challenging at times, is the fact that I’ve really had to change the way I eat to keep my weight up. Doubling what one eats, coupled with not having to worry about a scoop of chocolate ice cream here and there isn’t quite as sexy as it sounds, though I’ll try not to whine too loudly.

There are a few simple reasons that have made the increase possible; I’m running less so I’m recovering faster after my normal big Saturday. Also, I can ride 20 miles in the time it would have taken to run seven. Add to that, the ability to ride every day without muscle soreness getting in the way and I’ve hit on a cardiovascular trifecta of sorts.

Writing about fitness and eating does have its challenges though. It is “OK” for me to eat a lot to fuel the engine, but the Michael Phelps diet is generally frowned upon, sometimes vociferously by some in our community… I assume this is partially due to some form of ideological political correctness (mainly because I simply don’t get it). It’s OK if I eat a lot, I burn a lot during exercise, but not if it’s fun food. No, I can eat baked chicken, because it’s protein that my body needs to repair itself – as long as I don’t put barbecue or alfredo sauce on it. Salads are obviously politically correct, as long as I’m not enjoying that salad – with some ranch or Italian dressing (or possibly I’m simply not supposed to mention that I enjoy that simple pleasure out of respect for others who can’t because they don’t put in the miles to maintain their weight, or because some person or group deems those pleasures ‘unhealthy’). Whatever the reason, whatever the motivation, it is what it is. Perhaps it would be wiser, perhaps I would get more hits, if I simply left out the fact that I enjoy the occasional Whopper, or home grilled BBQ bacon burger(s), because now that I can eat that crap, I’m certainly going to enjoy it. Perhaps it would be more acceptable for me to embrace the Morgan Spurlock in others so I can socially share the misery.

That said, the fact that I waste space in my melon today to contemplate the wheretofors says a little something about where I’m at. The truth is, that’s just not how I roll. I believe we were put on this earth to enjoy life, and if we do it right, there’s no reason to “trudge down that happy road of destiny”… It’s perfectly ok to run (or ride) down that road with a smile on our face.

So pass the noodle salad, daddy’s hungry.

And a short note on Abe Lincoln and vampire slaying… What, being one of the greatest presidents in American history isn’t enough, now we have to make him a vampire slayer? I’ll be skipping that movie on principle alone.

A Happy Father’s Day

Today could be the best Father’s Day I’ve ever had. Mrs. BgddyJim and I went out for an awesome early morning skinny tire ride. I’ve been looking forward to that first road bike ride with my wife for a LONG time. She’s doing surprisingly well already.

We’ll be heading out for a Father’s Day tradition – a game of putt-putt golf and an ice cream cone followed by a big barbecue dinner later this evening.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there. I hope you’re luck enough to have as much fun as I’m having.

162 miles of awesome for the week…