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Nashbar Eco Comp and Errol Jerseys

June 2012

I was looking for a lightweight and inexpensive jersey for summertime a couple of weeks ago and decided to try Nashbar.

Nashbar Errol Jersey

Nashbar Eco Comp Jersey

Generally I’m not a big fan of going cheap because we tend to get what we pay for, but with the exception of a few minor issues, both are really nice for what they cost.  Before I get into what I like about the jerseys – there are several things, I’ll deal with the minor flaws.

First of all the zippers work well enough but you can tell they’re cheap and the seams on the sleeve ends are cheaply done.  Finally, they run big, I normally wear a medium so that’s what I ordered.  What I didn’t know is that while I do wear a medium, mediums in jerseys are usually 38-40, these are 40-42 and it turns out I’m closer to the 38 (I didn’t figure this out until after they’d arrived).  The sizing turned out to be the least of the small issues – a hot wash and dry and they shrank enough to be passable – and the Eco Comp jersey fits better than the Errol.  Thankfully, I learned my lesson.

That said, both are very comfortable in hot weather (90+).  While a normal jersey is a little on the thick side when the heat really gets cranked up, these are barely there and they wear extremely well.  In addition, the Eco Comp jersey has me green, even though it’s blue – the jersey is made from recycled product material.  Both jerseys are easy maintenance as well, wash and dry.

In the end, I can’t say enough good things about the jerseys – and I absolutely dig the fact that I only paid $55 (delivery included) for both…  They’re worth every penny, especially when considering a normal jersey runs about $50-$75.

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  1. Faith Berrian says:

    We should always use recycled products to help our environment. ^

    <a href="My very own blog page

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