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June 2012

Well, call me stupid, I decided to see what the dealio was with my earlier post where I described a recent undeniable slow down by heading out in the oppressive heat and driving wind again this evening. The question was overheated or overtrained.

It was about 94 and I headed out right in the stink of it. It was so hot that I couldn’t get all the way down in the drops… To do so meant that the heat rising off the asphalt added another 5-10 degrees. I’m not even kidding, I overheated twice trying to beat the wind.

So today I did my old 16 mile route and my speed was right back up where it belonged…and then I blew up on the last mile. Part of it was “want to”, I didn’t have much left, but it was mostly just too damn hot.

Either way, tomorrow is a rain day and therefore a day off.

I did bump up my mileage considerably over the last few weeks so taking a day or two will probably be a really good idea and I’m actually looking forward to it so I can get my “want to” back where it belongs.

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