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Uh Oh, The Misses Has Some Game…

I wrote yesterday evening that my lovely wife had chosen to ride her road bike to a local meeting to work on her speed – turns out she’s got she’s got quite a bit, on only her fourth ride on a skinny tire bike.

Her ride to the meeting, while impressive on its own at 15.5 mph avg, was quite steady.  Her high speed was 19 and her low was 14 (going into the wind on the last mile).  The speed on the trip out, guessing here, was a little slow because she didn’t want to have to sit through that meeting “sticky” – because her speed on the way back was great:  16.5 mph over the same four miles, and she touched the 20’s for a couple of minutes with a high speed over 23 – on the flat!  She was rightly fired up about her effort and showed me her overall results as soon as she walked in the door – and the cool thing is I don’t think she really knows exactly how well she did…  That return trip was only 1.5 mph slower than my first ride on that same bike, and I was in Olympic Tri shape back then.

Oh I am a happy man and a proud husband.