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Far Be It For Me To Complain But…

June 2012

The first day in a month where we barely have a breeze – and it’s supposed to hit close to 100 degrees today…  So much for a bike ride.


Fortunately there are three sports in a triathlon – it’ll be a great day to finally start working on the swimming, and just in the nick of time – I’ll have to do almost a mile in about two weeks and three days…  WOOHOO!


  1. Sandra says:

    Yup, heat index here yesterday was 110, with an actual temp of 106. More of the same today. Swimming is good.

  2. bikevcar says:

    Good luck in the tri. Still think I’d prefer to cycle in that heat than swim, but being English I have no actual concept of such temperatures!

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s pretty hard to describe how hot that is – it’s actually quite rare for it to get that hot here, I turn into lethargic goo at about 96 and we hit 101… I’m not prepared for anything heavy in that kind of heat. The day off actually did me a lot of good too. My legs were exceptionally lively this morning – 19.7 mph average…and I got stuck in quite a bit of traffic.

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