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I Don’t [Insert Fitness Activity Here] Because I Smoke…


June 2012

One of my favorite excuses for not exercising is the tried and true, “I can’t, I smoke” excuse.  I’ve heard it a hundred times.

I would go out on a limb and tell the world that you can’t possibly be stupid enough to believe that excuse, but I’ve said it and meant it…  I was obviously ignorant back then, but we can’t hardly hold that against someone, now can we?  Of course not, what good would it do?

The truth is you can run if you smoke, for starters.  Not only is it possible, if you do happen to smoke, that’s double the reason to exercise!  Crime in Italy, Chuck, if you’re going to kill yourself slowly, one puff at a time, you may as well do something that will hopefully counteract that a little bit!

Everyone that I run with ran through their smoking years – all of them – myself included.

One more excuse down the garbage chute.  ‘Fore long all we’ll have left is [stomping feet] “I don’t WANNA”!!!  Which is about right, there isn’t much more than that.

Suck it up campers, or sit in the excuses for a bit longer, it’s all good.

Of course, if you give fitness a try and hate it, I’m sure you can find someone to refund your misery.

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